I am happy to announce that I have released PRO version of Send Users Email plugin for WordPress.

Send user email allows you to easily send email by selecting individual user(s) or send bulk messages using role(s).

This plugin has a very simple interface with minimal features so that you can just send simple emails without having to fiddle around with tons of settings.

This plugin uses wp_mail function to send emails. Any other E-Mail plugin that tap on wp_mail functions works with this plugin.

Get PRO Version

Features of Pro Version

  • All feature of free version
  • Email queue system (slowly send emails so that you stay within your email provider limit and improve delivery)
  • Email templates (Sending same text email over and over again? Save it once and reuse it with ease. Save your time)
  • Email styles (Don’t know how to style email? Pro version has well crafted email with various color schemes)
  • Placeholder on email subject
  • Ability to set default email style
  • Ability to set if queue should be used by default
  • Logs content of sent emails for 90 days (can be adjusted in settings)
  • Clutter free UI

Free Trial

Send Users Email PRO provide a 14 days free trial where you can try full functionality of the plugin. However you will have to provide payment method to opt into free trial. If you don’t like the plugin, cancel the subscription and you won’t be charged. Give it a try before you buy. If you are unsure, how to start a trial, just install the free version and you should get a message to opt into trial version in your WordPress dashboard page..